"Center for diagnosis, examination and certification" was created on recommendation of the St. Petersburg Enterprise Coordinating Council and `Gazprom` JSC with the purposes of the application of innovations created in St. Petersburg on its subsidiaries .

CDEC has implemented different developments in the area of pipeline systems diagnostics, autonomus power supply and enhancement of efficiency of equipment. All these implementations increase the life of products in fresh and sea water, their reliability and low the energy consumption of different machines. The company experts are accredited by State Standard of the Russian Federation and international awarding authorities.

CDEC participates in Russian-German and Russian-Finnish projects. The company is winner of international competitions organized by the Russian Foundation for support of small enterprises in scientific and technical sphere. CDEC participates in international and Russian exhibitions.

CDEC has licence for conduction and review of industrial safety of different production facilities (pipelines, valves, gas consuming devices, etc..).